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Economic collaborations and employement relationships often lead to conflicts. In some cases, working with a trained business mediator who can lead a constructive discussion in an unbiased manner can lead to an amicable settelment of the conflict. Taking this step to restore a contractual and trusting relationship is very important and can prevent unnecessary further conflict, as well as financial losses. 


As a trained business mediator, I support you on the way to a constructive, amicable solution.


Mediation is a confidential and structured process in which the parties, with the help of one or more mediators, voluntarily and independently seek an amicable settlement of their conflict (see Section 1 (1) of the Mediation Act ("Mediationsgesetz")). The neutral mediator helps to guide and structure the process. He leads the parties on the way to a constructive, amicable solution. The great advantage that mediation offers is that the parties work out the solution. As a result, a higher level of identification with the solution can be created, added value can be exploited and an intact relationship and trust can be reestablished. In addition, mediation offers the great advantage that a solution is often worked out more quickly than in the context of a legal proceeding and the overall costs are lower.


As a business mediator, I accompany the procedure from a neutral role with the aim of supporting you in finding a quick and interest-oriented solution.


If I have already been involved in the matter as a lawyer, I am happy to help find a neutral mediator and also use my contacts and network.

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